Sales agents course

Sales agents course

Persuasiveness through self-discovery

Myths such as "To be successful in sales we must approach another personality" or "A successful sales agent is a sales agent who ends the business as quickly as possible" must be shattered.   We are successful when we are ourselves, when we are as open with the client, when he discovers our needs, desires, ideals or feelings.   And so the interaction becomes a real process of interdependence in which we will find out the needs, desires and aspirations of the client.   The information gives us the way to accept and discover by the customer the need for the product we sell.   At the same time it also gives us the opportunity to permanently structure the message to be as persuasive as possible.

Long-term collaboration

Therefore, the message we transmit in all dimensions: verbal, paraverbal and nonverbal.   We need to learn how to talk, what to talk, what hesitation means in the message, what are the ways to capture the attention of the clients, when he is a attentive client or he is just very well educated.   But at the same time we must learn to "read" our clients, to realize what they convey to us, what experiences and needs are beyond the formal messages.

A high-performance sales agent does not focus on quickly closing the business, but is constantly focused on finding these needs and providing sufficient and clear information so that the customer can make a decision.

The topics covered during the training are:

  • The concept of communication.   Communication objectives and functions.   Elements of the communication process.
  • Forms of business communication;
  • Verbal communication in business;
  • Written communication in business;
  • Types and techniques of communication;

Tools we will use:

  • Exposure;
  • Debate;
  • Clarification;
  • Role Playing;
  • Staging;
  • illustration;

At the end of the 2 days the participants will be able to understand the clients better, they will realize how important the nonverbal language is in business communication or that most of the time what I say is different from what they think, they will train the necessary skills in selling. for a product, they will know how to actively communicate with the customer and especially they will learn to focus on discovering the customer's needs.   What other advantages a participant can have in the course: - can benefit for a period of one year, of additional information connected with the profession through our information service;   - can benefit from a 10% discount for any of the company's services;   - a course support with useful information;

With special regards, Daniela Sarbu

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