Development of presentation skills

Development of presentation skills

Whether we are in the particular, social or professional part of our life, we are constantly evaluated by the interlocutor, and the basis of the evaluation is our way of presentation. Everything is a presentation. Our abilities to showcase our qualities, resources, our work or our desires are essential for success. The people we come into contact with will keep impressions about the quality of the exposure, about the emotions transmitted or about the lack of brilliance we have shown.

A client with whom we come in contact will remember our performance, the feeling of trust and comfort that he perceived at the meeting. And then you will invest even the product we sell, whether it is services, equipment or even our work within the internal professional relationships, with what he perceived during the meeting. What good is it if our product, services or work performed are to high standards, if we do not know how to present them !?

The ability to be a self-confident interlocutor is essential in today's context. Whether employees have to submit a business or sales proposal, or make an internal presentation, presentation skills are essential and most of us have a real fear of speaking in public. Often the non-verbal language shows that we do not feel at home when we make presentations.

This extremely practical course, based on the use of video media, will help participants develop their self-confidence, give them some tips for improving presentation skills and show them how to communicate clearly and enthusiastically.


  • Increasing self-confidence in delivering public presentations and speeches
  • Improving clarity and power to capture the audience
  • Obtaining a brief list of steps required for quick preparation
  • Maintaining a high audience share throughout the speech
  • Approaching some useful ideas for a convincing result
  • Focus your attention on the key points you want to convey
  • Opening up new business opportunities and gaining support for your ideas

This practical course will also provide the tools needed to improve skills and reach a new level of excellence, regardless of the starting point. Assistance to presentations can be provided upon request.

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