Conflict management

Conflict management

We cannot avoid conflict. It appears because we all have different perceptions, values and beliefs. If we don't manage the conflict properly, we risk jeopardizing the results we want and the benefits of productive and positive working relationships. This course will help employees to spend less time solving the problems of others and more time gaining satisfaction in their own work.

Thus any employee in the organization. will learn more about the techniques of cooperation with those with a difficult relationship or who have different ways of working.

At the same time, the course also addresses the managers who, according to their studies, lose an average of 2 hours to resolve the conflicting aspects of the organization. The conflict in all its manifestations, from the latent, perceived, felt or final conflict has also positive and negative dimensions. It gives the groups the possibility to express their needs and dissatisfactions, the problems can be better awareness. Sometimes conflict can represent a tool for changing the managerial culture, but also a strong competitive advantage in the process of adaptation and integration in a competitive environment. But at the same time, the conflict, if not well managed, can stop the activity or have disastrous results on the whole organization.

This becomes important to know how to make personal and organizational conflict an instrument to help us and to become supportive in our own and organizational development.

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