Communication abilities development

Communication abilities development

Your business' message

Any organization wants to send to clients and business partners messages of trust, support, novelty, openness and orientation towards continuous improvement. At the base of the realization and promotion of a strong identity is the public relations system developed by the organization, the communication from within or the one involved in carrying out its business relations.
Communication thus becomes essential in any organization, as a basic notion in the construction of a true system of promoting the image of the organization, but also in the foundation of professional relationships that offer comfort in the activity of each employee, not to constitute a brake by the appearance of conflicting or to endanger by ambiguous or incomplete communication.

About this course

The courses address the specific topics of the field of public relations and communication, which define and give value to the way in which the organization defines its identity. The practical aspects that characterize the interpersonal, group, organization, mass communication, as well as the direct connection between communication and persuasion, communication and manipulation are addressed.

Also in order to be successful - regardless of position - employees need to understand themselves and others and know how to build and maintain effective relationships with clients and colleagues.

Course objective: Development of communication and relationship skills.

The benefits of the communication course

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • To correctly interpret the verbal and nonverbal language of the communication partners
  • Communicate with impact and desired results
  • To improve their personal and social relationships
  • To find effective ways of relating with other partners in communication
  • To listen, to say things so that there is no room for ambiguity
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