Thought asunder (A different article!) THE STORY OF

Thought asunder (A different article!) THE STORY OF

Thought asunder (A different article!) THE STORY OF

Daniela Sarbu

April 15, 2020

By the name of Peter Joseph Thomas, I met in 2015, before the holidays, when I left my wallet with a significant amount of money in a shopping cart at a store. He found it when he gathered trolleys, did not count the money since he thought he shouldn't and gave it to a collegue to search for my company's name online. And so I recovered what I lost in about 40 minutes.

When I met him and wanted to make up for what he did, he gently said: "I have money m'am. Pray for me. I work here in order to go every year to Jerusalem for the Easter. "

With Mr.Tomită  I kept in touch with him since then. He called me before leaving for Jerusalem, we met at Christmas to wish "Happy Holidays" and called me after he came back from Jerusalem. He had prepared a gift: holy oil and an icon of the Holy Land. He gave me the gift and three of his books: "From the impressions of a pilgrim in the Holy Land"; "Poems of soul to souls" and "A pilgrim on the way of the cross".

"[...] Comprised of a sacred thrill and a feeling of great joy, I kissed with a trembling heart with humility and reverence," footprints of God "that I have reached forehead and my whole being ...." ...Written by Mr. Tomita in one of his books.

So if you have the opportunity to go to Billa store in the "Sun" area of the city, in Timisoara, stop and shake hands with Mr. Tomita. You deserve to savor the moment when shaking  a clean,warm, sensitive man's hand.He appeared as if from nowhere to teach me how easy it can sometimes get state of fullness.

So I would have urged then, 5 years ago, 4 years ago, 3 years ago. And I don't know anything about him. But I believe that he is well, guided by his inner light. If I met him, I would just tell him that I finally came to Jerusalem. And, according to a friend, I talk about my life before Jerusalem and my life after Jerusalem.

                                                                     I wish you all a wonderful time.